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Kids & Screens (with psychotherapist Nicole Runyon)

Updated: Mar 13

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Show Notes

Scrolling 2 Death host Nicki Reisberg speaks with accomplished pyschotherapist and keynote speaker Nicole Runyon about the effects of screens on children's mental health.

In this vulnerable interview, we discuss a number of topics related to parenting, screen time and mental health, specifically:

  • How screen time is negatively affecting our children's development

  • How to work through the generational differences which can cause a barrier between parent and child

  • Social media safety and sharenting

  • Parent-child conflict around screen time

Should parents be monitoring their teenagers online?

More about Nicole Runyon:

Nicole Runyon LMSW is a well-respected psychotherapist with 20+ years of experience specializing in child and adolescent mental health. She is a leading expert with this population and a sought-after speaker on topics such as technology’s effects on mental health, child development, and how generational differences in parenting affect the iGeneration whose mental health is deteriorating.

Nicole is highly recognized as an expert in her field and speaks to large audiences. Nicole has been featured in the media to talk about her expertise on how technology affects child and adolescent mental health. She has a deep passion for children and has dedicated her life’s work to helping them develop properly and thrive as young adults.

You can find out more about Nicole's work at



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