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Is YouTube Kids Safe for Kids?

Updated: Mar 13

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Show Notes

YouTube Kids is safe for kids, right?

Wrong. Nothing online is completely safe.

27% of videos watched by kids 8 and under on YouTube Kids are actually intended for older audiences. And 6% of videos include mild or moderate sexual content.

Pair this with the addictive features and manipulative advertisements, and you may re-consider letting your kid watch YouTube Kids without your oversight.

In this episode, Scrolling 2 Death host Nicki Reisberg is joined by guest Ashley Hudson. Together, they reveal the truth behind YouTube Kids. 

A few takeaways:

  • A safer option is the children's area of Netflix or Disney Plus, where content is not user generated and self-flagged. 

  • Watch YouTube Kids with your kids. If you see something inappropriate or distrubing, be sure to report the video.

  • Consider upgrading to YouTube Premium (currently $13.99/month) so your child doesn't see ads. 

  • Regularly review the parental controls and make adjustments as needed.

  • Set strict screen time limits within the app. 


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