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"You'll never see my kids' faces on social media again."

Updated: Jan 21

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Show Notes

What really happens when you post your kids on social media? Could you be putting them at risk? 

HINT: Yes, there are huge risks.If you have ever second-guessed posting your kids, this episode is for you.

Nicki Reisberg and guest Ashley Hudson discuss the motivations behind posting our kids (they did it for years), and what made them change their mind. 

This episode dives into: 

  • The risk of digital kidnapping

  • What is sharenting and why is it bad? 

  • Creating digital identities for our kids

  • Childhood embarrassment

  • Online privacy and reputation 

  • Child sexual abuse material

  • 5 questions to ask yourself before posting your child online

A quick note: This podcast covers topics such as suicide, disordered eating and traumatic events. Listener discretion is advised.

Book Recos:

  • Sharenthood by Leah Plunkett

  • Growing up Shared by Stacey Steinberg

  • Growing up in Public by Devorah Heitner



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