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Scrolling 2 Death host Nicki Reisberg lobbying in Washington D.C.


Scrolling 2 Death is a podcast for parents who are worried about social media.

The world is saturated with screens and addictive tech which is forcing our kids down a path to depression and harm. At Scrolling 2 Death, we believe that we can find hope through education, awareness and legislative action.


Too many children have been harmed. We have gone too far. Let’s stand together in the face of Big Tech and force a change. They’re not going to protect our kids, so we must.

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The Back Story

Scrolling 2 Death was born from a simple concern about our kids and social media. After 15 years running a successful social media marketing business, Nicki Reisberg started to ask questions. 

  • Why are people spending so much time on platforms that make them feel bad? 

  • Why are we so focused on portraying a fake version of ourselves?

  • And most importantly, why are we letting our vulnerable children access addictive and harmful spaces online?

Nicki began digging in. The research was hard to find, but it was there. Social media is bad for kids.

Our children are more hopeless, anxious, depressed and suicidal than they have ever been in recorded history. If we had to point at the main cause, it would be directly in the face of social media platforms and the executives who run them.

Every parent who has lost a child to an online harm deserves to be heard. We cannot let Big Tech’s lobbying, gaslighting campaigns and biased research drown out the voices of parents. 

We have to be diligent and clear in our work as a society united. We cannot let companies put their profits before children’s lives. One death is too many. Despite social media platforms like Snapchat and Meta knowing full well that their platforms instigate harm, they continue to plow ahead, making no significant changes to protect our children.


It is the mission of Scrolling 2 Death and the parent listeners to force change through kids online safety legislation and influencing a society shift to let our kids be kids, for as long as possible. That includes delaying smartphones and social media, and educating our children on the fact that they are a product to these companies and nothing more.


If you are fed up with the status quo, with Big Tech raising our children through addiction and violence, please join the community by following along with the vital conversations happening at Scrolling 2 Death. The information you learn and stories you hear could save a life.

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