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Advocate, before it's too late (with Ed Peisner)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

Ed Peisner is an accidental advocate. In 2017, his teenage son Jordan was viciously assaulted in West Hills, CA. The attack was filmed and uploaded to social media by an friend of the attacker. Jordan was left with serious and life-long injuries and will never be the same.

Ed has since dedicated his life to the goal of ensuring that no other family has to endure such a terrible ordeal at the hands of social media-induced violence.

Together we break down the reality of how social media is affecting our kids, and how parents can protect them from harm.

Ed is the National Education Director and Founder of The Organization for Social Media Safety. OFSMS is the first consumer protection organization exclusively focused on social media. They work to make social media safe for everyone.

Connect with Ed and his team here. And be sure to check out their FREE online safety course for parents!

Tell your representative if online safety for children is important to you. Visit this link and enter your ZIP code at the top-right.


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