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Teachers Talk (with Jason Robinson, PhD)

Updated: Apr 21

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Show Notes

Welcome to the first installment of Teachers Talk, a brand new series here on Scrolling 2 Death. In these candid discussions with teachers, parents get the real deal on what's happening with screens at school.

Today's episode features college instructor Dr. Jason Robinson. We discussed the pitfalls, and even the benefits, of allowing devices in his college lecture hall.

Meet Dr. Robinson

Dr. Jason Robinson is a Senior Lecturer at the University of North Georgia.  He currently is a Faculty member in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.  Dr. Robinson primarily teaches students in a pre-nursing tract and other majors requiring critical thinking - but not Chemistry major level instruction.  Additionally, he is a frequent presenter to parents and first-generation students at the University.  Dr. Robinson holds Master's and Doctorate Degrees in Photonics from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana.


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