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Why We Should Delay Smartphones (with Hannah Oertel)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

This episode is your guide to giving your kid a phone.

In this conversation, Hannah Oertel lays out the ideal pathway for our children's phone journey. If you've been stressed about when to give a phone or which phone to give, this is the episode for you!

You can make a difference in mental health outcomes for your child, with this one decision; When and how you give your kid a phone. Don't ignore the risks.

Hannah also shares a few of the lesser-known ways that smartphones are affecting our kids physically. I was shocked at what I learned!

We discuss phone use in schools, social media use and other screen-related topics.

About Hannah:

Hannah is a therapist and mother and launched the campaign, Delay Smartphones to help protect children from the dangers of smartphones. The first generation of children who were given smartphones before high school are now adults. We now know for every year younger they were given smartphones by their parents, the worse their mental health is today. That same generation is begging us not to make the same mistake.

Hannah is passionate about supporting parents to make informed decisions on when to give their children their first smartphones. Her aim is to see children free from smartphones until at least the age of 14 and using child appropriate alternative devices until a smartphone is necessary. Hannah lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and two daughters.


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