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Let's Talk Sharenting (with Leah Plunkett)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

Prepare to get serious insight into the complexities of sharenting and digital privacy in this eye-opening episode featuring the esteemed Leah Plunkett, as she joins Nicki for a deep dive into the multifaceted world of sharenting and digital privacy.

Leah Plunkett is author of the acclaimed book Sharenthood: Why We Should Think Before We Talk about Our Kids Online, a faculty member at Harvard Law School, and a faculty associate with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. To learn more about Leah's groundbreaking work and to grab a copy of her book, visit

Exploring the intricate dynamics surrounding the disclosure of digital data about children, Leah and Nicki shed light on the critical implications that often go unnoticed. From the potential invasion of privacy to the threats posed to children's current and future opportunities, and the hindrance of their ability to cultivate a genuine sense of self, we offer listeners a comprehensive understanding of the far-reaching consequences of this digital practice.

The episode also delves into the increasing risks associated with generative AI and the alarming prevalence of child sexual abuse material, underscoring the urgent need for heightened vigilance and protective measures in the online sphere.

Bringing a unique legal perspective to the table, Leah addresses crucial questions that every parent might have. We also delve into the fascinating world of "kidfluencers" and the pertinent issue of their limited rights to compensation for their online content, a topic that calls for widespread attention and advocacy.

As an acclaimed author of the thought-provoking book, "Sharenthood: Why We Should Think Before We Talk about Our Kids Online," Leah Plunkett brings unparalleled expertise to the table, offering a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights. Join us as we unravel the legal intricacies, discuss the existing laws protecting children online, and delve into ways in which parents can actively advocate for greater digital protection within their local communities.



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