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  • Nicki Reisberg

Teachers Talk (with Matt Brady)

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Show Notes

Welcome to Teachers Talk, a series on Scrolling 2 Death featuring candid discussions with teachers. Parents get the real deal on what's happening with screens at school, how tech is affecting students' learning and teachers' jobs.

Today's episode features a high school educator named Matt Brady. We discuss his efforts to transition his high school to a phone-free space, which Matt documents on his Substack: Teacher Teacher

Matt and I discuss the effects of smartphones at school, including; diminishing test scores, cyberbullying, access to drugs, safety issues (like school shootings) and overall reliance on technology. I've learned that it's important to approach this issue with compassion and empathy, as it is not the students' fault but a result of powerful marketing and lack of awareness.

Matt Miles and Joe Clement are two incredible teachers mentioned in today's episode. Here's a link to my interview with Matt and Joe.

This episode is sponsored by Bark Technologies.


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