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Take a Bite out of Crime (with Paul DelPonte)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

In this episode, I gain some clarity into how we got a place where young children are accessing technology that can harm them.

Paul DelPonte of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) breaks down the legislation (or lack thereof) that exists to protect kids online, potential new laws and current lawsuits against social media companies.

We also go deep into the fentanyl epidemic and how these illegal drugs are finding their way to our children through Snapchat.

Paul has intimate knowledge into social media harms through his personal relationships with the families that have been affected. You can get to know these families at a new website called ParentsSOS:

You may recognize the official mascot of NCPC, McGruff the Crime Dog. For over 40 years, McGruff has been helping people "take a bite out of crime" through his awareness campaigns. Over the years, McGruff has been focusing more and more on online crimes, which was the focus of our discussion today.

About Paul DelPonte: Paul DelPonte is an accomplished nonprofit executive, award-winning communicator and consumer advocate. As Executive Director of the National Crime Prevention Council, his work is focused on expanding NCPC’s impact and introducing McGruff the Crime Dog® to a new, digitally savvy generation of Americans. Over his decades-long career, DelPonte guided a range of nonprofit organizations, foundations and corporations to reach broader audiences through digital outreach and other communications. Other major accomplishments include leading a coalition to promote greater civic engagement, boosting public education on how forests help protect the environment, and coordinating campaigns on mental health parity, dietary supplements, child nutrition, and to increase NIH funding. In 2015, he had his own “McGruff® Moment,” when he came forward as a whistleblower to stop theft and fraud in a federal job training program for seniors and veterans.


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