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  • Nicki Reisberg

Snapchat Fuels Teen Opioid Epidemic (with Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone)

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Show Notes

Rolling Stone has implicated Snapchat in fueling a teen opioid crisis.

Paul Solotaroff has been a Senior Writer at Rolling Stone for 25 years. He writes about the denial of justice, about people who have been horrifically abused, like NFL retirees with brain injuries, Iraqi veterans and unfortunately today, it’s KIDS ON SNAPCHAT.

In this conversation, Paul discusses the investigation into how drug dealers are using Snapchat to sell fake pills containing fentanyl to children, leading to poisonings and deaths across the country. Paul highlights the challenges that law enforcement faces in combatting this issue, including the ephemeral nature of Snapchat and the difficulty tracking down evidence.

There is an urgent need to address this national health crisis, both in parental awareness and federal legislation to require tech firms (like Snapchat) to protect our kids online.

Thank you to Amy Neville, Laura Marquez-Garrett, William Bodner and others for speaking up to protect our kids.

Paul Solotaroff has been a senior writer at Rolling Stone for twenty-five years (and at Men’s Journal for almost twenty). He covered the NFL concussion scandal, including the Aaron Hernandez story, was the first to report the horror-show conditions at Walter Reade Hospital, and has written a series of stories that helped free innocent men who were doing life without parole in state prisons. Winner of two Genesis Awards and more than a half-dozen selections to the Best American Sports Writing anthologies, Solotaroff is a Pulitzer Prize and National Magazine Award finalist. Six of his earlier stories were optioned for TV dramas or films, including “Original Gangster,” “The Fixer,” “Living the Vida Macho,” “Not Guilty,” and “The Gangster in the Huddle.” This year, four of his stories will be reborn as TV series or prestige documentaries on Netflix, Showtime, the USA network, and Facebook View.


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