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  • Nicki Reisberg

How Media Impacts Our Kids (with Kris Perry)

Updated: Jun 6

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Show Notes

Many parents ask the question; How does tech and social media use really affect our kids? This is answered today with special guest Kris Perry of the Children and Screens Institute.

Together, we explore many topics related to screen time and mental health, with an emphasis on the importance of unbiased research and desperate need for online safety legislation.

About Kris Perry:

Kris Perry currently serves as Executive Director for Children and Screens Institute, having previously served as Senior Advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom of California and Deputy Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency where she led the development of the California Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and the expansion of access to high-quality early childhood programs.

She led systems change efforts at the local, state and national levels in her roles as executive director of First 5 San Mateo, First 5 California and of the First Five Years Fund. Through it all, Perry has fought to protect children, improve and expand early learning programs, and increase investments in low-income children. Perry was instrumental in returning marriage equality to California after the landmark 2013 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Hollingsworth v. Perry, which she wrote about in her book Love on Trial.


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