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  • Nicki Reisberg

Dear Parents, From Gen Z (with Ava Smithing)

Updated: Jun 6

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Show Notes

This is a conversation that parents should bring their teens into. Ava Smithing is a Gen Z adovcate for kid's online safety who is dedicated to making social media safer.

Ava shares her vulnerable story of struggling with an eating disorder that was encouraged by social media, and gives parents invaluable insights into life as a Gen Z'er.

"I learned through social media that I shouldn't be eating, how not to eat and how to hide it from my family."

This episode is jam-packed with advice for parents on how to approach social media in their own homes, including:

  • Federal child safety and privacy bills

  • How social media affects body image

  • Status of TikTok and its influence on our youth

  • Snapchat's "less social media, more Snapchat" gaslighting campaign

  • Dangers of AI chatbots

  • Digital wellness revolution

  • Loads of social media tips for parents

Ava Smithing is the Director of Advocacy at the Young People's Alliance, her first role upon graduating with honors from Stevens Institute of Technology in May 2023, Majoring in Business Management and the History and Philosophy of Technology, with a Public Policy Minor. Since her graduation Ava has been committed to progressing legislation to making social media safer at the state and federal level, through advocacy, community organizing and public engagements. She is an affiliate in All Tech is Human's inaugural affiliate cohort and an advisor on behalf of YPA for the Student Action Network for Equity.

Ava recently testified at the congressional subcommittee hearing Legislative Solutions to Protect Kids Online and Ensure Americans’ Data Privacy Rights.


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