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Big Tech: Putting Profits Over People (since '96)

Updated: 5 days ago

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Show Notes

In this episode I welcome digital advocate Alix Fraser of Issue One. We take a dive deep into the risks of social media and explore how (and why) social media has been created to be harmful by design.

Alix and Nicki cover a ton of topics important to parents; social media, devices, cyberbullying, sharenting and much more!

Alix introduces Nicki to two bills that would could steer us in the right direction with social media regulation and make the internet safer for children.

Alix Fraser serves as the Director of the Council for Responsible Social Media at Issue One. In this role, Alix leads the cross-partisan Council of political, civic, public health, business, and national security leaders working to address the threats that social media platforms pose to American society. Learn more about this work at



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