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"They're coming for your kids next." (with attorney Laura Marquez-Garrett)

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Show Notes

Prepare for an eye-opening conversation that will change the way you think about kids and tech.

Join Nicki of Scrolling 2 Death as she dives into an enlightening discussion with attorney Laura Marquez-Garrett (of the Social Media Victims Law Center), unearthing the harsh realities of the harm lurking behind the screens.

We get into loads of hot tech topics, including:

  • Social media harms vs. benefits

  • Trends in social media harms

  • Addictiveness of social media platforms

  • Which are the most harmful platforms?

  • Much, much more

Laura pulls back the curtain on the profound impacts of social media on our children, sharing real stories of social media harm and offering tips for parents navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

More about Laura:

Laura Marquez-Garrett is a 2002 Harvard Law School graduate and spent the first twenty-years of her career in Big Law, where she oversaw complex litigation matters and specialized in electronic evidence and forensic investigation. In January of 2022, Laura met (SMVLC) founder, Matthew Bergman, and watched the Netflix documentary, Social Dilemma. The following month, she left her predominantly defense-oriented practice to join SMVLC to contribute to the Center’s mission of change and holding social media companies accountable for the harms they are causing to children and families. Since then, Laura has participated in the filing of more than 100 complaints against social media companies in state and federal courts across the country. She filed an Amicus brief in Netchoice v. Bonta on behalf of Fairplay and several other civil society organizations, and in support of California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code (CADC); serves as a Discovery Steering Committee co-lead in the California Judicial Counsel Coordinated Proceedings (JCCP No. 5255); has appeared on podcasts, such as Your Undivided Attention, and other forms of media, such as the released documentary titled “Mark, What’s the Plan,” about social media harms and related issues; addressed the House Energy & Commerce Committee at a Roundtable on the Dangers of Big Tech and the Fentanyl Poisoning Crisis; authored an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Blade in support of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA); has spoken on panels, met with hundreds of children and families, and is otherwise actively involved in efforts across the globe to force change and hold social media companies accountable for the harms they cause as a matter of platform design.


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