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  • Nicki Reisberg

The Corporate Takeover of Childhood (with Dr. Susan Linn)

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Show Notes

In this fascinating conversation, Dr. Susan Linn discusses the harmful effects of marketing to children and the overuse of technology in their lives. She emphasizes the importance of unstructured play and creativity; stressing that kids can amuse and soothe themselves without needing a device.

We also dive into the current state of EdTech in schools, highlighting the lack of research supporting its effectiveness.

Don't miss the story of Dr. Linn's career as a ventriloquist at the end of the episode!

An author, psychologist, and award-winning ventriloquist, Susan Linn, Ed.D., is a world-renowned expert on creative play and the impact of media and commercial marketing on children. I highly recommend Dr. Susan Linn's book 'Who's Raising the Kids' available here:

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