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The Big Tech Takeover (with Sara Robin)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

Some would say that the addictive pull of our phones and the attention economy is the biggest issue society faces today. Certainly, our children are feeling the effects of Big Tech, with rising rates of depression and suicide.

Sara Robin is an award-winning filmmaker who has dove into exploring the impact that the attention economy is having on our lives. There is so much to learn from Sara, as she has studied and interviewed countless parents, teens, teachers, doctors and other experts in this space.

In this conversation between Scrolling 2 Death host Nicki Reisberg and Sara Robin, we dive deep into issues facing parents today, including:

  • The harms that can arise from problematic social media use

  • The presence of tech and smartphones in schools

  • Tips for parents in raising their children with tech

  • And much, much more

Sara is now in development on a new documentary called Your Attention Please, which explores solutions to the problems caused by exploitative tech.


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