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  • Nicki Reisberg

Protecting Kids From Fentanyl (with Chris Didier)

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Show Notes

This episode is dedicated to the life of Zach Didier, forever 17.

"We're losing a classroom of students every week," shares Chris Didier. We're way past "not my kid." Fentanyl does not discriminate and parents need to get educated on this epidemic.

There is a new category of victim where children are trying something they think is harmless, but it's lethal. As parents, need we to up our game and keep our kids away from this danger.

In this discussion with Chris Didier, parents will learn about Chris' personal experience with fentanyl through the loss of his son in 2020. I asked Chris the tough questions all parents want to know, including:

  • Where are kids getting fake pills containing fentanyl?

  • Why do drug dealers use Snapchat?

  • How addictive and deadly are these pills?

  • Why would they distribute something that is going to kill their customers?

  • How do we protect our kids?

  • What to do if your child has been exposed to fentanyl? (THESE TIPS COULD SAVE YOUR CHILD'S LIFE)

This episode is sponsored by Bark Technologies.


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