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Kids Online Safety Update (with Patrick Lyden)

Updated: 5 days ago

Show Notes

If you’re completely uneducated on the legislative process (like me) but concerned about kids online safety (like me), this is the video for you.

I brought in former Congressional staffer and policy expert Patrick Lyden to get us parents up to speed on what’s happening with the 9 online safety bills that are currently being reviewed at a federal level.

I’m listing the bills below, but whether or not you know a lick about the bill, you can simply reach out to your state representative to let them know you are generally concerned about your child’s safety online.

Just visit and enter your ZIP code at the top-right.

9 Online Safety Bills Discussed During This week's Hearing:

H.R. ____, the American Privacy Rights Act H.R. 7891, the Kids Online Safety Act

H.R. 7890, the Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection (COPPA 2.0) Act

H.R. 5628, the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2023

H.R. 6429, the Shielding Children’s Retinas from Egregious Exposure on the Net (SCREEN) Act

H.R. 5778, the Sammy’s Law of 2023

H.R. 6149, the Protecting Kids on Social Media Act

H.R. 4311, the Data Elimination and Limiting Extensive Tracking and Exchange (DELETE) Act

H.R. 4568, the Terms-of-service Labeling, Design, and Readability (TLDR) Act

H.R. 5534, the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act of 2023


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