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Is social media safe?

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Show Notes

In this episode, Scrolling 2 Death host Nicki Reisberg asks herself the social media safe?

Joined by guest Ashley Hudson, join us as we talk through the four biggest risks that we are exposing ourselves and our children to by using social media, and get into detail on what parents need to know about; online fraud & theft, cyberbullying, exposure to harmful content and social media addictiveness.

Nicki also outlines the legislation that exists to protect us from social media risks.

CORRECTION: Nicki mentions that Section 230 passed in 1995. The correct year is 1996. Whoops!

SUPPORT KOSA: The "Kids Online Safety Act" is a bill that sets out requirements to protect minors from harm on social media platforms. Find out if your state Senator has co-sponsored these bills here ( . If he/she is not listed, visit their website and contact them. Ask them to co-sponsor KOSA.


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