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Cyberbullying: The Silent Pandemic (with Trisha Prabhu)

Updated: 4 days ago

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Show Notes

This episode is about cyberbullying and how parents can navigate this issue with their children.

Trisha Prabhu, an anti-bullying advocate and founder of the ReThink app, shares her journey and insights on cyberbullying and social media.

She emphasizes the importance of early conversations with children about technology and the internet, as well as creating transparency and collaboration in setting rules and expectations.

In this conversation, we cover tons of topics relevant to parents, including:

  • Cyberbullying

  • Social media

  • Big Tech

  • Safe-tech for kids

  • Technology use in schools

Get to Know Trisha:

Trisha Prabhu is the 23-year-old inventor and Founder and CEO of ReThink™, a patented app that stops cyberbullying before the damage is done.

The ReThink app detects offensive content and gives youth a chance to “ReThink” sending it, stopping cyberbullying before it happens. Today, in collaboration with schools and educational organizations, ReThink’s technology, educational materials, and anti-cyberbullying advocacy have been shared with youth worldwide. The app is also now available in 8 international languages on the Google Play Store (where it was named one of Google Play's Most Innovative Apps).

For her work with ReThink, Trisha is the humble recipient of many awards, among them, the WebMD Health Hero Prodigy Award and the Princess Diana International Anti-Bullying Award; she was also selected to present ReThink at The White House. Trisha has also made waves as a contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank and as the winner of Harvard University's President's Innovation Challenge and the Elevate Prize. In 2021, she was the youngest honoree named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 Social Impact list.

Trisha is a TED speaker and has delivered 100+ talks in 30 cities about the power of “ReThinking." Her debut book, “ReThink the Internet,” the world’s first-ever “by-youth, for-youth” guide to the Internet, was released in May 2022 from Penguin Random House.

Trisha is a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard University. She is now pursuing her postgraduate study at the University of Oxford as a United States Rhodes Scholar.

Connect with Trisha on Instagram:



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